Vehicle Check List

A long trip is a serious test for your car. Even a small problem such as a worn wiper, out-of-balance tire or improper alignment may turn your trip into a nightmare. Here, you can find simple tips on how to prepare your vehicle for a trip including an illustrated checklist. However, this checklist does not include many other important items such as brakes and suspension components that may only be inspected by a mechanic in a garage. Book an appointment well before your trip. Ask for one of those maintenance packages with an oil change, tire rotation and mechanical inspection. Don't leave it for a last moment, do it few days before your trip.

• Check owner's manual

• Engine oil

• Transmission fluid

• Engine coolant

• Battery

• Other items

• Tires

• Steering and suspension components

• CV-boots

• Lights and mirrors

• Spare tire, wheel wrench and the jack

• What worth to take in a long tr

Other Considerations